Custom Illustration | Abstract-Graphic


my name is Ilanit Shamia, and I’m  a Tel Aviv-based artist who combines traditional hand drawing techniques with digital media.  My artwork has been featured in various exhibitions and is included in a prominent Israeli art collection


Note: online shopping and all additional content in this websites is in Hebrew only, and directed to purchases inside Israel only.

For non-Hebrew speakers, for custom illustration or art print purchase: please contact Ilanit Shamia via


WhatsApp: +972-54-4748112

Due to different time zones, reply might be delayed.

*Ggeneral work Hours (Israel time) are: Sunday-Thursday 10:00-19:00, Friday 10:00-12:00

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Custom Illustration | Abstract-Graphic

My drawing style for custom illustration is characterized by its abstract and graphic nature. I focus on bold shapes and lines, rather than small details and realistic features. This approach allows me to convey emotions and ideas in a more symbolic and universal way. My art is more focused on the overall composition and message rather than on the specific features of a subject


After receiving a photograph, I discuss all final details with you. The final product that you will receive is a pdf file (license for personal use only) that will be sent to your email address. No physical object is being sent.

Also, please note that when ordering a custom illustration, you pay in advance and it is non-refundable.

*Payment via Paypal

Additionally, changes to the original design are not typically allowed, except for small color adjustments. However, in special cases, if a client requests changes, I will make every effort to accommodate them, but please note that for every hour I spend working on changes, there will be an additional charge of 150 INS.

This policy is in place to ensure that the final product meets the client's needs while also allowing me to maintain my artistic integrity. All the information provided above is general and specific details may vary on a case by case basis. 


* ‘Character’ refer to a person, a pet or a vehicle 

In other cases, pricing wil be personally discussed.

January 23 / *Newly introduced to the market, the prices have been temporarily lowered as an introductory offer for my latest illustration style. Early birds will have the opportunity to take advantage of these discounted prices.

150 INS / 45$ For one character  
250 INS / 75$ For two characters  
350 INS / 105$ For three characters 
450 INS / 135$ For four characters
550 INS / 165$  For five characters
650 INS / 195 $  For six characters
750 INS / 225$  For seven characters
850 INS / 255$  For eight characters 
950 INS / 285$  For nine characters
1000 INS / 300$  For ten characters


*Full payment in advanced



When ordering a custom illustration from me, the process should only be done via email or WhatsApp chat with me.


WhatsApp: +972-54-4748112